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Nick Kingsley

Senior Consulting Actuary

Nick Kingsley is a Senior Consulting Actuary located in Atlanta, GA. His primary focus is multiemployer health and welfare plans. Nick has over 15 years of experience as a consulting actuary.

Relevant Experience

In his career he worked in P&C for a number of years before redeploying those skills to be applied to health and welfare benefit plans. He worked with large single-employer plans for 5 years before transitioning to focus on multiemployer plans. He develops various solutions for his clients who cover a wide range of crafts and is passionate about aligning stakeholders investment/effort with stakeholder values. He believes in a one size fits one approach and strives to provide customized service to his clients whether they are multiemployer funds, Horizon associates or his family.

Industry Activities

Nick has also been a speaker at various conferences most frequently partnering with the IFEBP speaking primarily on topics related to the healthcare environment with core points tuned for multiemployer plans.

Off the Clock

Nick focuses continuous effort on expanding his understanding of the world through the development of a number of hobbies and skills such as music (guitar), language (mostly French), spiritual development, cultural appreciation through travel and something vaguely resembling physical fitness. He also invests deeply in his four children broadening their Horizons (pun intended) in hopes of giving them access to anything they could possibly hope to achieve.


Nick is an Associate of the Society of Actuaries and a Member of the American Academy of Actuaries. Nick graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Physics and a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Houghton University.

Nick Kingsley

Phone: 678.317.4130

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