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Health & Welfare
Horizon Actuarial consultants navigate multiemployer plan matters with expertise that’s very hard to find in this industry.

– Fund Professional

At Horizon Actuarial, we understand the unique nature of the multiemployer plan environment and the complexities of Taft-Hartley plans. Our consultants can clearly communicate technical information and actuarial concepts to a diverse audience, helping you understand the long-term implications of the decisions you make today. We have resources at all levels of experience, adhere to strict quality standards, and utilize continuous peer review and collaboration to provide you with superior service.


The following is a list of some of the areas in which we provide actuarial and consulting services. While some of these are described in more detail below, every client is different in their needs, requirements, and desire for level of detail and content, style, and format of the information. We can customize each deliverable as needed.

Our Services:
  • Actuarial Projections, Financial Modeling, and Sensitivity Analysis

  • Vendor Performance Reviews and Requests for Proposals (RFPs)

  • Cost-Containment and/or Improved-Outcomes Program Opportunities

  • Benchmarking Studies

  • Financial Experience Tracking: Historical and Expected Results

  • Compliance Support (e.g., ACA, HIPAA, ERISA, IRS, DOL, MHPAEA, CAA)

  • Actuarial Valuations (ASC 965)

  • Plan Liability Calculations (IBNR, Accumulated Eligibility)

  • Plan Design, Contribution, and Eligibility Modeling

  • Vendor Program Evaluations and Implementation Support

  • Specialty Pharmacy and Other Financial Risk Management (e.g., Stop Loss)

  • Second Opinion Actuarial Review

  • Merger Studies

Actuarial Projections and Modeling

Health & Welfare Plan Projections Contributions and Investment Income vs. Benefit Payments and Expenses Assets Less Benefit Obligations

We perform actuarial projections for Trustees regularly and monitor quarterly. We can also model changes to demographics, income, expense or trends as needed. Live in-person modeling with immediate results also available. 


Click on the graph to view sample output.

We regularly review current vendors for high performance and contractual adherence. We bid out services as requested, performing Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for services for traditional and non-traditional carriers/vendors including medical networks/carriers, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), point solutions under medical or pharmacy benefits (such as diabetes management, musculoskeletal health, or weight management programs), dental, vision, life insurance, stop loss and administration services (e.g. third party administration, auditors).

Vendor Reviews & RFPs

Cost-Containment and/or
Improved-Outcomes Program Opportunities

Even when reserves are increasing, many plans desire to stretch every dollar and one way to do so is to ensure the excellent benefits are efficiently supplied to participants. Studying, optimizing, or enhancing existing programs and benefits may satisfy that goal.  But sometimes it means looking deeper or outside of existing relationships for possible ways to provide exceptional benefits even more effectively while still managing and maintaining the high-quality participant experience.

Looking at other plans can provide insight into your plans’ costs and benefits relative to other multiemployer plans in the same industry and/or geography. We can generate reports from two to 20+ pages upon request showing how your plan compares using publicly available data. We maintain a database going back fifteen years which allows us to show and compare changes over time. Click on the graph to view sample output.

Benchmarking Studies

How healthy is your health plan? Compare your plan against others in the multiemployer universe.
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