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Horizon Actuarial is one of the great leaders in the multiemployer plan industry.

– Fund Professional

How can we help?

​Pension plans face greater challenges today than they ever have before. Volatile investment returns, maturing plan populations, changing interest rates, and finding qualified workers are just a few of the obstacles many plans are facing.

At Horizon, we use cutting edge tools to address these challenges so that plans can get back to doing what they do best - providing valuable and important benefits to participants while maintaining predictable and affordable contributions for employers.

Pension plans are a long-term investment and the decisions you make today will impact generations of workers and business owners to come. We communicate clearly to make sure you understand the long-term implications of the decisions you make today.

Is your plan on the right track?

Using our proprietary Projection Model, we can help you answer important questions about your pension plan, such as:

  • What if investment returns are different than assumed?

  • What if hours worked are higher/lower than assumed?

  • How do contribution rate changes impact your plan?

  • What type of benefits can you afford?


Sample output from our model is shown below.

Pension Protection Act Projections Multiemployer

How does your plan measure up?

Our Form 5500 Survey Software can show how your plan compares to other multiemployer plans in key areas such as:

  • Investment returns

  • Funded percentages

  • Benefit levels

  • Contribution levels

  • Plan maturity measures


Sample output from our software is shown below.

Multiemployer Form 5500 Data Comparison Benchmarking Investment Returns

Is your investment return assumption reasonable?

The investment return assumption is the most important assumption we make.​​

Getting it right generally leads to:

  • Fair and appropriate benefit levels

  • Stable and predictable contributions

  • Healthy funding levels​

Getting it wrong can lead to:

  • Intergenerational transfers of wealth

  • Volatile contribution requirements

  • Underfunding

Of course, no one has a crystal ball, but our

Survey of Capital Market Assumptions is the next best thing. 


We survey approximately 40 professional investment advisors each year and compile their expectations for the future.  Then, we plug in your asset allocation and evaluate the reasonability of your investment return assumption.

A sample analysis for a hypothetical asset allocation is shown below.

2023 Survey of Capital Market Assumptions Analysis of Expected Investment Return Multiemployer Plan

Our Services

Actuarial Valuations
Zone Status Certifications
Forecasts & Projections
Benefit Design
Withdrawal Liability 

Expected Return Analysis
Stress Testing
Funding Risk Analysis
De-Risking Strategies
Negotiations Support
Special Financial Assistance
Alternative Plan Designs
Variable Plans
Funding Policy Design
Benchmarking Studies

Mergers & Spinoffs
Second Opinion Review
Expert Witness Testimony
Annuity Plan Consulting
Collective Bargaining
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